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The fleecing, the duping of Black America

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The fleecing of Black America

In Missouri, they shoot black men, and in St. Louis County, in Ferguson, in Florrisant, they shoot to kill, black men. Yesterday, another black man was gunned down, this time for lunging at the police, he did not point his weapon, and he never fired a shot but he was murdered in a barrage of gunfire, holding what police themselves say were a knife and bible, and yes he died. I looked at my son, and I could see the fear on his face and worse the shame. No matter what he did the police have now become the criminals. The true law has done nothing. The people who truly uphold law. There is no law in St. Louis County. Nobody cares how many young black men are killed. In less time than it takes to buy a pack of gum, another black man lost his life to violence by police. Missouri is the new face of a racist aparteid reality, a reality where any police chief, anywhere in Missouri can step up to a microphone and speak away the life of any black man by simply calling any shooting by any police officer justified. How can you make that determination without a full investigation? How can you take the word of an officer?, how can you know, body camera’s did not reveal the whole story, and the grainy video, it reveals nothing more than police, talking and firing. Seems to me that if a policeman speaks nicely to a black man, and if that black man raises his voice or walks a bit to much, in this case, a man with mental issues, it is ok to fire. Still what happened to tasers, bean bags, nonlethal weapons. Why is the first order of business is to shoot to kill?, and not shoot to injure. A mother called for help,not for murder. It has become so normal and natural, that when it happens, white people, especially pundits in the law enforcement community brush it off as it is just another day, another obstacle police have to face, they don’t ever see these shootings as problematic, while young black people in the mean time are shaking in their boots. Especially black mother’s who have sons who socialize, and live there every day in these circumstances, in these racist communities, set up to keep them poor, and uneducated. This had got to stop, this has got to end. Shooting black men, and using the justification he was holding a gun, lunging or pointing does not cut it any more. This used to be an old South tactic, a way of explaining the deaths of black men in Alabama and Mississippi, this used to be Georgia and Tennessee, but none of these states today is worse than St. Louis Missouri. Our federal government must rein in tyranny, and human right abuses not in China, Argentina, or Cuba but right here in America, and they need to do it in the Show me State, where black men, the blood of black men covering these streets are crying out for true justice. They cry out because they want the black men who are left behind to have a chance to live. It’s a scary thought that a white man can shoot up a movie theater, killing dozens, or schools, synagogues, homes with families, walk the street with weapon in hand, and is taken into custody without a scratch, have a fight with these same police officers and walk away unscathed. The laws, the constitution do not apply to the men and women wearing badges, they evidently live by a seperate but unequal list of rights, aimed at making them an elite society in the fabric of American society, the overwhelming majority of police in our country never pull their weapons but the few who do find life ending consequences, like in St Louis and around the country 99.9 percent of police involved shootings are against black men. In Ferguson, in Florrisant and St. Louis County, over 90 percent of the black people are ticketed for minor traffic tickets, and you can see a line of black people, often poor standing in long lines to pay these trumped up fines, and false charges that rob an entire community of it’s peace and tranquility, honest people of their own chance to make it out. In St. Louis Missouri, they think they have black men on one big plantation, that thinking used to be the same way in Alabama, Georgia, and Mississipi, what they need to know is that we are not going back. An unjust police force is no police force at all. Who are we to do nothing….Black men have the most important job in America, the protection of our young black men. Death is not their only way out…Enough is enough….Black men must resist with civil disobedience…. The New Racist South is Missouri013


Written by The Atlanta Review

April 19, 2015 at 6:51 pm

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