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The Tebow Option

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The Jets were wise to pick up Tebow and make him a central part of the team.  Tebow will add a much needed push to the running game, he will force Defenses not only to watch him throw but what him run…..Tebow is a winner…Period….. and for any mediocre quarterback who himself threw interceptions at so many critical times in his Career is no better suited to be an analyst than wear a suit.  If he was so good, His services to coach Men like Tim Tebow would be highly requested.   Instead he is sitting on a set, gaining weight on his body and conscious, with alzheimer and jealousy about his own career of a young 20-something who is seeing success with his feet.  All Quarterbacks have flaws, they are not all great throwers but what separates them is the desire to win, with their arm or their feet.  A winner knows this….a loser blames on everyone else

Written by draftanalyst

August 12, 2012 at 1:16 pm

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